Sid did not want to fall to the bottom. Help our little Sid friend growing up without getting burried !

LD :
Good luck !

2 Buttons : LEFT / RIGHT (mouse buttons, or keyboard arrows, or gamepad triggers) to control left and right flipper !

but you can still map your own keys !

----MENUS---- / ! \ this is important because this needs an update to make things clearer :

*LEFT* (arrow, or mouse button) : allow you to navigate menus

*RIGHT* (keyboard arrow, or mouse button) : let you go!

Also,you can press M to mute Music, or turn it down (such as sfx) into the option menu !

Install instructions

Thank you for playing it !

/!\ Please report if you encouter a bug :) First level's skeletons have a weird issue with HTML5 version; i'll try to fix it ASAP

The HTML version is still experimental and suffers slowing down and has no filter effect ; downloadable version is recommended for a better experience.

I'm trying to make it as much accessible as possible, I'm opened to every idea !

Keep in touch, enjoy !


Growseedball_14_12_15.exe - (Ludum Dare release +small fix) 5 MB
Download (Ludum Dare release +small fix) 4 MB
Growseedball_1_03-Default-1.0.0.apk 13 MB
Growseedball_1_031.exe 5 MB
Download 4 MB

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