Sid did not want to fall to the bottom. Help our little Sid friend growing up without getting burried !

LD :
Good luck !

2 Buttons : LEFT / RIGHT (mouse buttons, or keyboard arrows, or gamepad triggers) to control left and right flipper !

but you can still map your own keys !

----MENUS---- / ! \ this is important because this needs an update to make things clearer :

*LEFT* (arrow, or mouse button) : allow you to navigate menus

*RIGHT* (keyboard arrow, or mouse button) : let you go!

Also,you can press M to mute Music, or turn it down (such as sfx) into the option menu !


Growseedball_14_12_15.exe - (Ludum Dare release +small fix) 5 MB
Download (Ludum Dare release +small fix) 4 MB
Growseedball_1_031.exe 5 MB
Growseedball_1_03_Android.apk 12 MB

Install instructions

Thank you for playing it !

/!\ Please report if you encouter a bug :) First level's skeletons have a weird issue with HTML5 version; i'll try to fix it ASAP

The HTML version is still experimental and suffers slowing down and has no filter effect ; downloadable version is recommended for a better experience.

I'm trying to make it as much accessible as possible, I'm opened to every idea !

Keep in touch, enjoy !


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Very fun! Always looking for a fun pinball game.

Mind if I ask what engine this was made in?

Hello there ! Thanks for your kind words <3 I'm quite a pinball junky too.

It was built with Game Maker Studio (1.4), that comes with a neat dedicated physics library; I've reiterated releasing some kind of (unfinished, of course) sequel to it for the Lowrezjam 23, sticking with GMS 7 years later so I guess this still feels good for me. Here it is if you're curious about it:


wow i loved this! so cool how you could even go higher, really enjoyed this pinball game


Thank you @microwee for your kind words :) This gives me some motivation to update it  someday :)


Pretty fun little game!

Hi there!

Well thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed  :) 


A lot of fun. If playing on mobile click the flipper you want to use using two fingers for right click doesn't work really enjoyed this

The game works on my iPad in html. On my Chromebook it is very glitchy  and the start menu scrolls too fast to click start. the flippers always point up and when you press left or right they both go down. Its not fun to play like this.

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Hello, thank you for reporting this. I was kinda aware as this issue appeared for a while now and is somehow related to iterface or browsers (it seems to be working fine outside of I'll try to throw an eye on this ASAP and I'll keep you in touch. Cheers !