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It’s crunch time and you have too many sh*tty ideas. You don’t know why but you are urged to code something. You must develop weird and incoherent game features to get ahead and make something before time is up.

First, click on your dev guy to show HUD. you can use it to develop some features. Once you can walk or move the camera, use keyboard arrows or joypad if connected (sorry if that’s weird) to do so. Keep on coding features with mouse+hud.

The gameplay is not so worth it, but i tried something different, with management and mini adventure … Still making the same mistakes, rushing everything at the end when fatigue is overcoming everything. That’s (once again) what it’s all about : don’t expect pure gaming/fun, it’s raw and unfinished, but i hope you’ll like it :]



Feature Creep Inc.rar 7 MB
Feature Creep Inc-Default- 9 MB

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