Ludum Dare 33 submission :

You're an old monster, and you seek revenge for being awaken by humans. You'll probably find peace destroying cities and anihilating human race.

Dash/atack : control

Jump : Space

Fireball : shift

Moves/climb : arrows

It should be playable with a gamepad.

I had a bug that made the game crash before i uploaded it, if it happens to you i'm sorry :( It says an error about sound emission. I'll try to fix this (at least....)

I'm not really satisfied with my entry, but here it is.

Have fnu

Install instructions

Jam version : 00_13

1.Drink cold.

2.Since the jam I uploaded the game's directory as the executable alone crashed...

3.It seems i once again uploaded the wrong files... Just put your mouse cursor out of the way and you'll experiment the right one :) or spawn millions of soldiers with your mouse if you want, i don't care afterall, but that's not "in-game"...

Minor changes since the jam (00_20) :

4. Sound bug that could crash the game is fixed.

5. Game over and interlude text "better" alignment

6. The ugly mouse cursor that was not meant to be here has been removed... In fact it was already removed when i submited to the jam but i just uploaded a wrong file without seeing it, at first (sorry.-_-')

Please note that download links toward this slightly fixed version, but the first deadline files are still here and versioned as 00_13.

7. (9-5-15) I ported the game to html, with very few changes and bugfix. Still there's a lot of stuff to do... I'm just puting my hands back in dirt, a lot of work awaits :)



MONSTER-SYSTEM_00_013_jam 12 MB