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Axel Dick is a simple and fast platformer made for for itch.io #NESJAM.

Axel ate a magical bean given by a mysterious hat guy, and experiment some weird 61 color trip.

Grab a stone and throw it, make'em bleed, stab'em, shoot'em,dismember everyone, and explore some old school platformers levels. It may be a bit hard sometimes...

2 Players mode supported :

- trip in coop, or murder your friend with a chainsaw or anything else so he cant beat this stupid game, and say him video games are only fun to do that.

-after he ragequits and break his pad (for now you need a keyboard and a pad to play multiplayer mode) provoke him in duel with the arena mode. Then beat him because you're doing barely anything anti game.

///////////////////       Controls :

Arrows to move and crounch

Shift to run

Space to jump

Alt to pick up/throw/attak.

2nd player has a silly console gamepad i'm sure he will be fine to find keys.

Throwing things and jumping are sensitive. Hold quickly Alt to attack, or the longer you press it, the longer you throw it.

You can throw pushig the "up" key to throw higher, or let your weapon holding down while pushing the throw key.

It seems clear and simple. Now go kill the bosses and make your way through the end.

Hope you'll enjoy it.

PS:Never had a NES, but i had a GameBoy and Master System II.

I tried to stick to most of the limitations of the NES , but not everything.By the way I think it doesn't look so much like nes, maybe more like Master System i used to play. The name is a joke kids, you kids.

Alex Kid make me so frustrated 20 years later when realized Shi Fu Mi were actually always the same combinations in this game.

I never noticed it as a kid... Did You ?

And do you still have that silly music in the head ? "touloup,touloup, touloup,TOULOUP, TOULOUP TOULOUP TOUP TOUP TOUP TOUP".... you know what i mean ?No???what?

And did you know the seal with a runny nose was actually a WITCH????WTF??

Ah. And the game is still uncomplete but i thought the jam will give me opportunity to release something. There is still few things i'll be adding in next version, like scores and more VS arenas and minigames, but i was in a hurry to upload a working version for the jam so i'll be adding it later ;

Levels were made too quickly for the jam, and i did not use 50% of the visuals and tiles that have been made. Level design sometime sucks i think, and there are LOT less levels/weapons/enemies that planned. Someday, maybe, i'll be fixing it and add many stuff, depending on reactions...

Maybe Axel Dick 2 ?

Hahahaha who knows ?




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